Dear institution I participate in,

I really want to love you, to give and work hard and feel our shared goals! But I can't do this anymore. This is the end

I don't trust you. You promise things, devise rules, express care for all of us, and ask a lot of us in return. And it's not even that you fail us, at least that would be predictable!

You don't follow your own rules, but you punish others when they break them.

THe problem is, I do love you. You express my wildest hopes, imaginations I didn't know I had, groups of people I didn't know I needed. You're the way I know how to have a desire, inside myself and with others at the same time.

I've never broken up with an abusive partner or a toxic friend in any other way than putting up with it until I couldn't anymore and then just leaving - running away and never turning back. What


hey it's the instituion.
i'm working on myself, been opening myself up to a lot of people and realized that i have not given you the love you deserve. A lot of people are saying i need to change and i'm doing that. I realize the agency to break up with me and i'm all here for it. I hope that when you do find love again, with someone else who gave you what you were looking for in me that i can learn from you all.

Below are a list of things I will continue to work on, in order to become a loving, caring institution: